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Careers in hospitailty

Think a career in hospitality isn’t all that? Come work at Nando’s and we’ll soon change your mind.

Many great careers have their roots in restaurants, and it’s especially true here at Nando’s. Start off grilling chicken, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t end up managing a restaurant, or working in our Central Support team. In fact, over half of our Central Support team began their careers in the restaurants.

What to expect

Of course, restaurants and shift work go hand-in-hand. We promise you’ll never have to work a split shift though sometimes you might have to work into the night. But that’s when things really heat up, with birthday parties, celebrations and all other sorts of lively stuff going on.

Join Nando’s and you’ll be working alongside a whole host of amazing people, many of whom will quickly become your best friends – both inside and out of work. Add to that loads of learning on the job; plenty of chances to improve your business skills; enough training to keep even the keenest of you busy, and you’ll soon realise that our careers are about as far from stop-gap as you can get.

And finally

Even if you’ve got zero experience in hospitality before joining Nando’s, don’t worry. What matters most is having the right approach to work and customers, and the ability to put your heart and soul into everything you do. Bring all that to the party, and you’ll find Nando’s is the place for a long and rewarding career.