Nando's Quick Guide
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A Nandoca is what we call a member of our family and has strong roots in our heritage.

Nandocas are people who bring the Nando’s restaurants to life with their unique personality and passion. They may do different jobs, but they’re all working towards the same goal – to serve the best chicken in the world to delighted customers, while having fun together. And we can promise you this - a hard-working Nandoca will have always have a great time at Nando’s.

Starting out – Nando’s fledglings

When you start your restaurant career as a Trainee Nandoca, we’ll help you get used to the way we do things before giving you a specific role in the restaurant.

There’s more to Nando’s than just jobs. It’s a way of life.

Grillers – Nando’s flame throwers

It’s our flame-grilled chicken along with our unique PERi-PERi basting that has made Nando’s famous around the world. As a Nando’s Griller, you’ll be in charge of grilling the delicious PERi-PERi chicken that keeps customers coming back for more. While at Nando’s we know that no Nandoca is more important than another, Nando’s grillers do walk around with a sense of pride knowing the vital role they play in helping us serve the best tasting chicken around.

Front of House – First impressions

They say first impressions are lasting impressions. As a Front of House Host you will typically be the first person that a customer will meet when entering a Nando’s restaurant. You will give them a genuinely warm Nando’s greeting, ensure they’re seated comfortably, and talk them through the unique Nando’s ordering process if they are first timers.

Cashier  – The givers and receivers

When a customer has decided what they want to eat from the menu, they come to a Cashier. As a Cashier you will run their order through the till, and process their payment. All we ask is that you have a genuinely upbeat interaction with every customer you serve. It’s not about fake smiles, but about positive energy. It’s about making sure every customer has what they need to set them up for a fantastic Nando’s experience.

Co-ordinator – Can you stand the heat?

The Co-ordinator helps tohold the kitchen team together, and makes sure customers end up with exactly the right food on their plate. It is the Kitchen Co-ordinator who fires up the people making the chicken, helping ensure orders are completed on time and sent out to the correct tables. There is a lot of heat in the kitchen so you will need to have a cool head.

Supervisors – Let’s see how you manage

If you’re looking to move into management, then becoming a Supervisor is the first step. You’ll help to run the shift and look after the rest of the Nandoca team. Most of the Nandoca roles involve learning on the job, but as a Supervisor you will begin to receive some of our inspirational off-the-job training that we are famous for. As a Supervisor you will be given the chance to prove yourself; to see if you have the passionand ability to start a career in management.

Buddies – For life

At Nando’s, a Buddy is someone who has what it takes to pass their passion and skills on to new Trainees/Nandoca. A Buddy is the best of the best at some (or all) of the restaurants roles. In return for helping new starters get to grips with their restaurant job, Buddies enjoy a tremendous sense of pride (plus a little bit extra added to their hourly rate).

There’s always opportunities to move around between roles so you can try different things and learn new skills. You’ll be supported, developed, mentored and encouraged – all while working with some really great people.

There’s more to Nando’s than just jobs. It’s a way of life.

What we look for in a Nandoca: pride, passion, courage, integrity, family...and fun

40% of our managers started out grilling chicken

Although every Nando’s restaurant job demands slightly different skills, there are some Nando’s values that all Nandocas should aspire to. A Nandoca should take pride in themselves and in what they do. They should have the passion to deliver great service to all Nando’s customers and be as enthusiastic come the end of their shift as they were at the beginning.

A Nandoca should have the courage to always be honest, take responsibility and make decisions. They should have the integrity to respect their fellow Nandocas and customers at all times. And when we say we are one big family, we really mean it. If you have “family” team-player qualities you will find yourself surrounded by other Nandocas wanting you to succeed.

Although we’re serious about our values, we also expect you to have fun. After all, it’s our work hard, play hard attitude that keeps Nandocas fired up for action!