Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you find the information you need.

I have a food allergy, can I check the ingredients of any of the items you serve?

We want to make sure everyone can enjoy their Nando's experience with us. In every restaurant we have a 'Food and Menu Specifications' book, which tells you all the ingredients in every product we have (it's a pretty big book!).

If you do have an allergy, please let us know when you order so we can make double sure your meal is prepared with the utmost care to minimise cross-contamination.

You can also have a look on our website here, and filter by dietary requirement if you want to take a look before hand. 

Can I book a table?

The decision to take a booking is down to the Manager of each restaurant,  so it's best to contact them directly. Pop in and speak to them face-to-face (just ask for the Duty Manager) or find the contact details for the restaurant here.  


I'm looking for sponsorship

We like to keep it local with our sponsorship requests, so instead of sending us an email, pop in to your local Nando's and speak to the Manager on Duty.

Good luck with your event!

I am organising a fundraising event, can you help?

We take our hats off to you for your fabulous efforts in raising money for some fantastic causes. We like to keep it local with our fundraising requests, so pop in to your local Nando's and speak to the Manager on Duty.

Good luck with your event!

Company Information
Do you have Wifi in your restaurants?

We’re currently trialling free Wifi in a few of our restaurants* with O2.  

To get connected, just select O2 Wi-Fi from the network list to sign up and log on. Just make sure you don’t get your phone all sticky choosing your fave instagram filter!

For troubleshooting or more information about O2 Wifi visit:

*West Hampstead, Bexleyheath, Kentish Town, Lime Street (London), Covent Garden, Westfield Stratford, Manchester Trafford Centre, Clink Street, Kilburn, Orpington, Islington, Swiss Cottage, Crayford, Dalston, Ashford, Stoke Newington, Canterbury, Enfield, Bluewater - The Plaza, Enfield Retail Park, Bluewater Wintergarden, Kingsbury, Bromley, Finsbury Park, Chatham, Wood Green, Maidstone, Thanet.        


Do you accept AMEX?

All of our restaurants, other than those in ROI, accept AMEX. This includes Northern Ireland. 

How do I find out where you're opening?

To find out where we are next opening, or to suggest a new location to us, take a look at our Openings page here.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the news on our upcoming openings too!

when are you open?

We’d love to be open all the time, but our grillers need their beauty sleep! Generally we’re open midday to late evening, but some of our restaurants opening hours will vary. To find your local restaurant opening hours search here.

How can I become one of your franchisees?

Nando's does not offer franchises in the UK & Ireland and we don’t have any plans to franchise here in the future. Internationally, franchises are only available in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Please visit the relevant countries website for more information.   

We are not able to respond to International franchise enquires from the UK.

I’ve got Apple Pay! Can I use it in your restaurants?

You can! We’ve just rolled out Apple Pay across all of our restaurants.


To use Apple Pay, just tap your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch over the screen of the PDQ and use TouchID (the fingerprint sensor) to authenticate the transaction. It’s as simple as that! 


You’ll see the Apple Pay sign in the windows of our all restaurants, letting everyone know we now accept this form of payment (we’re pretty excited about it).  


At the moment, the limit for using Apple Pay is £20, but we’re looking into extending that to £30 in the next few months. For more information about Apple Pay, including exactly how it works, have a look here

How do I get in touch with you?

We’d love to hear from you! Here’s how:

  • Give us a call on our Customer Hotline; 0800 975 8181Our office hours are Monday- Friday. We’re here and ready to talk any time between 9:00am to 5:30pm. Outside of these hours, get in touch here
  • To leave us some feedback about a restaurant visit, why not take our survey here. Your feedback goes directly to our restaurant team so that they know how they are doing. As a thank you from us, you can enter our weekly prize draw to win a £200 Gift Card (pretty great right?).
  • If you want to get in touch with us urgently about a recent visit to one of our restaurants, and it's outside of our office hours, why not give the restaurant a call and ask to speak to the duty manager who will hopefully be able to help. Find your local Nando's phone number by searching here
Do you deliver?

Although we can appreciate your nearest Nando’s may not be on your doorstep, or it might be a little bit cold outside, or you are suffering from a severe case of man-flu - we do not offer a delivery service nationwide.

We are currently running a delivery trial in a few of our restaurants using a company called Deliveroo. 

Deliveroo is our only authorised delivery partner and we cannot accept any responsibility for the quality of the food or service provided by any other non-authorised delivery companies that may deliver our takeaways without our permission.

Please note: The Nando's Card cannot be used in conjunction with Deliveroo orders. More info about this can be found here: 


Do you have a Christmas menu?

We don’t have a Christmas menu as we think our menu is special all year round!

We might skip over the dodgy pop hits, pass on paper hats and kick cranberry sauce out the kitchen, but we know what really makes a Christmas party swing.

Even though we don't offer a party menu, our platters are great for large groups where you can mix up your heat levels and sides and all tuck in.

Is there anything on your menu suitable for vegans?

Nando's are not a vegan restaurant, but we do offer non-meat products on our menu which can be seen here.

You can filter by dietary requirement on the left hand side to only display the vegan options we offer. We’d recommend our Veggie Pitta, but you need to specify “no mayonnaise” as mayo is a standard ingredient containing egg. Our bastes are all meat, egg and dairy free, so you can choose which ever you want.

Though we are not a vegetarian restaurant, we do take specific steps to segregate our non-meat products from our meat products:

  1. We choose a specific part of the grill for cooking only non-meat product,
  2. Separate utensils are always used with non-meat products,
  3. Separate bottles of the Nando’s bastes are used exclusively for basting the non-meat products.

Full ingredient listings are available in all of our restaurants, just ask the duty manager to see the Food and Menu Specification Folder when you visit. We'd recommend telling the restaurant team when you order that you're vegan, just to ensure they're extra careful!

Is there anything suitable on your menu for vegetarians?

Nando's are not a vegetarian restaurant, but we do offer non-meat products on our menu which can be seen here.

We take specific steps to segregate our non-meat from our meat products:

  1. We choose a specific part of the grill for cooking only non-meat products

  2. Separate utensils are always used with non-meat products

  3. Separate bottles of the Nando’s bastes are used exclusively for basting the non-meat products.

Full ingredient listings are available in all of our restaurants, just ask the duty manager to see the Food and Menu Specification Folder when you visit. We'd recommend telling the restaurant team when you order that you're a  vegetarian, just to ensure they're extra careful!

Do you use pasteurised egg in any of your products?

If there's egg in the ingredients of a certain product, it'll be pasteurised - it's the only way to use egg safely.

If you want to find out which of our products have pasteurised egg in, have a look at our 'Food and Menu Specifications' book, which can be found in any of our restaurants. Just ask any member of the team and they'll get it for you!

Where can I find your nutritional information?

Whether you're protein packing for those gym gains, or watching your figure (we think you look lovely), all of our nutritional information can be found on our menu here

Is there a difference between Nando’s Peri-Peri Sauces sold in the restaurant and the supermarkets?

There may be a slight flavour difference in the sauces used in our restaurants and the ones you can buy in supermarkets. This is because the sauces used in our restaurants are made in the UK, but the ones sold in supermarkets come all the way from South Africa for your personal PERi-PERi delight. The recipes are the same, but the taste might vary a bit depending on the source of the ingredients.

Do you have a kids menu?

We do! We have a special menu for Nandino’s (our name for kids). We've designed the meals for kids under 10, with a bunch of different options for our younger fans.  

Have a look at our Nandinos' Menu here.

Gift Cards
Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! If you fancy purchasing one, pop in to any of our restaurants, or have a look in popular supermarkets or high street shops. There's no gift quite like a PERi-present!  

For more information about our gift cards please click here.  

Can I top up a Gift Card?

Yes you can!

To keep the good times rolling, just pop in to any of our restaurants and ask at the till to top your Gift Card up. 

If the Gift Card was originally purchased from our restaurant, it can be topped up with anything from £5-£100. If it was purchased from a retailer (e.g. from a supermarket), it can only be topped up with £20. If you want to top it up with a smaller amount, you can always buy a shiny new Gift Card from the restaurant when you visit us.

Make sure you register your card here so that we can replace it if you lose it.


What if I've lost my Gift Card?

If you registered your Gift Card, we’ll be able to issue you a new one (phew!).

Get in touch with us here and we’ll get a new one out to you.

If you haven’t registered your Gift Card, we’re unable to replace it for you.  

When does my Gift Card expire?

Your Gift Card will expire 18 months from the date of your last activity (either spending money from your Gift Card or topping it up).

We don’t expect you to remember the exact date you last visited us, so you can check the date and balance here. You can also register your Gift Card on this page to protect the balance. 

Does Nando’s serve Halal Chicken?

For everything you need to know about our Halal Chicken please click here.

Approximately one fifth of our restaurants are clearly labelled as serving Halal chicken and are signposted both in the restaurant and online. A small proportion of chicken sold in our other restaurants is also Halal and is not currently labelled when served. We continue to look at ways to offer chicken dishes which are guaranteed to be non-Halal.

We serve Halal chicken in restaurants where local demand for that particular product is high, combined with various other business factors. We welcome everyone into our restaurants, regardless of their beliefs. Because welfare is such a big priority for us, all of our chickens are pre-stunned as part of the preparation process.

Nando's suppliers adhere to the strictest standards set down by the British Retail Consortium and all our suppliers are independently audited to ensure these standards are met. 

High 5/Black Card
What is a high 5/Black Card?

You’ve heard rumours about it – a card that magically provides free Nando’s for a whole year. The mythical Nando’s High Five card – can you be sure it really exists? Or, like unicorns and Robin Hood, is it just a legend – one created by Nando’s to give fans a holy grail to yearn for?  All we can tell you for certain is that no-one who’s requested a card, no matter how politely, has ever received one. Asking for one is simply the biggest taboo – a definite no no. 

What’s also true is that we love each and every one of you – that’s why we show our gratitude with a wealth of other Nando’s treasures such as our Loyalty Card, Competitions and Promotions. You can make the most of these by following us on Twitter and Facebook... fact!

How can I get a Job at Nando's?

We're always looking for people who share our passion to join the Nando's family, and it's great to see that you're one of them! For information about vacancies, have a look at our Careers page here. If you prefer a more face-to-face encounter, pop in to your local Nando's with your CV instead!

What music do you play in your restaurants?

We saw you slyly getting your boogie on last time you got your PERi-PERi on with us... And who could blame you?

If you would prefer to get your dancing shoes on in the haven of your own home, we have compiled a list of music we play in our restaurants below:

  • Los Sitio Asere by Afro Cuban All Starts
  • Mexe Mexe by Kompass
  • Boas Festas by Luis Morais
  • Sabine Largam by Cesaria Evora
  • Garota De Impanema by Ituana
  • Samba de Verao by Marcos Valle
  • Ndakuvara by Oliver Mtukddzi
  • Amanece el Nuevo Ano by Polo Montanez
  • Mas Que Nada by Miriam Makeba
  • El Reloj de Pastora by Sierra Maestra

A good website to get some great world music compilations is and a couple of great compilation CD's from there are called Samba Bossa Nova and Nuevo Latino.

Nando's Card (Loyalty)
How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, just visit our website here.

Fill out the form with your email address/Nando’s Card number and date of birth, and we’ll send you an email with a link to reset your password.

Pretty simple really!

(This can only be done on our website, not the App!).

Why can’t I register my card?

There’s a few reasons you might be having trouble.

Your email address is a high-security one. If this is the case, our emails might be sent straight your junk or spam folder, so have a quick check there. Email addresses with a private domain (such as work email addresses, or ones that end with will have a higher security. If you’ve registered with this type of email, we’d suggest trying again with a different email, such as a Hotmail or Gmail email address. Or, you could always contact your email provider to have the security settings lowered.

You aren’t entering your Card number correctly. There’s 14 digits in a Nando’s Card (on the back of your Card). On our website, there’s four boxes. Enter the first four digits into the first box, the next four digits into the second box, the next four into the third box, and then the last two digits into the last box. For instance, your card number might be 18329123456789. So in the first box, you’d enter 1832, the next box would be 9123, the next box would be 4567 and the final box 89.

Your Nando’s Card has not been registered correctly. When you registered your email, you should have received an activation email with a link. You need to click this link to successfully register. If you haven’t done this, visit our website and redo the registration process. When you get the email, click the link. You can only click the link once, and then it becomes invalid.

Still not working? Give us a call on 0800 975 8181, Monday-Friday between 9am-5:30pm.

I've still got an old paper Loyalty Reward card, can I use it?

No can do, we're afraid! As of the 1st July 2014, paper is no more.

The paper Loyalty Reward cards expired in February 2013, which we then extended to June 2014 to give you a whole year to use any unspent rewards. If you've still got one, they're basically vintage now! 

I've forgotten my Nando's Card, can I still earn a chilli?

If you forget to bring your Nando's Card when you visit us (we understand accidents happen), ask for a Forgotten Card code before you order.

You'll get a code on the bottom of your receipt, which you can then add on via our website here

Forgotten Card codes are only valid for 180 days, so make sure you use it before then!

Can I have multiple cards?

Only one email address can be registered to a Nando's Card, and only one chilli can be earned per customer per day. So really, there's no need to have more than one Nando's Card (too much of a good thing and all that!).

If you do have more than one Nando's Card, we cannot transfer the chillies or rewards over to another card.

If you lose your Nando's Card, you can then report it to us as lost here and we can replace it (and all your chillies and rewards) and get a new one out to you lickety split. 

How do I check what's on my Nando's Card?

There are three ways to check your Nando’s Card balance:

  • By logging on at:
  • Via the Nando’s App (click here to find out more about our App)
  • At the till in any restaurant

Check out what banked rewards you have ready for claiming, and have a look at your chilli count to see how many visits you've got to go until you earn your next reward. 

Why am I being asked to change my Nando’s Card/Takeaway password?

We’ve updated our password policy to meet a tougher set of criteria. This means we’ll ask you to change your password from time to time to make sure your hard earned Chillies and Rewards are kept super safe.  

I've opted in to receive emails, how often will Nando's email me?

We promise not to turn into a needy friend, we're cooler than that. We'll only send you an occasional email with important news, such as new menu releases, competitions and exclusive offers. You'll basically become part of our exclusive Nando's club, how fancy!

Why aren't I receiving emails from you?

You've opted out! To opt back in, click here. If you're pretty sure you haven't opted out, give us an email at and we'll look into it. 

Help! I've lost my Nando's Card!

Don’t panic! As long as you have registered your Nando’s Card, we can send you a replacement with all the chillies and rewards on. Phew!

All you need to do is log in to our Lost your Nando’s Card page, and we'll get a new one out to you.

If you didn’t register your Nando’s Card, we can’t replace your chillies or rewards, and all is well and truly lost (sorry!). You'll have to pop in to your local restaurant, and pick up a new Nando's Card. 

Where can I pick up a Nando's Card from?

Pick up a Nando's Card in any of our restaurants. Ask for one before you order and you can earn your first chilli on the exact same day!

Register the card online and make it officially yours (that way if you lose it, we can save all your rewards and chillies). 

What rewards can I get with my Nando’s Card?

Rewards you want, and rewards you shall have!

Here's the low down:

Green Reward:  Collect 3 chillies and get a 1/4 chicken or appeteaser (excluding Altogether Now and Wing Roulette)

Orange Reward: Collect 6 chillies and get a 1/2 chicken  or any single wrap, burger or pitta (excluding Butterfly Burger)

Red Reward: Collect 10 chillies and get a whole chicken or single combo meal (excludes Double Chicken Burger/Pitta/Wrap)

Your chillies are displayed on a chilli wheel, which counts up to 10. Once you reach 10, the wheel goes back to the beginning, but you can go around the wheel as many times as you like. Think of it like a chilli clock, but with rewards earned along the way. Don't panic when the wheel starts recounting, your chilli count carries on going, and your rewards are banked, ready for your next PERi-fix on us.

Before you rush off to claim your hard earned rewards, make sure you register your Nando's Card, because you can only claim your rewards once you've done it. It's quick and easy and only takes a few minutes, and what's that compared to a lifetime of rewardy-goodness?  Register your Nando's Card here if you haven't already.

Why do rewards expire?

Why is the sky blue? Why did the chicken cross the road? Some questions are hard to answer. So for now we'll just say, we want you to use your rewards, and we reckon a year is long enough to be able to do that.  

Will my Rewards expire?

Yes, all good things must come to an end!

Rewards must be redeemed within one year of being earned. Just Log In to your Nando's Card account to see when your rewards expire.

If you've got a Forgotten Card code, keep in mind that they are only valid for 180 days.

Here's the small print.

How does the Nando's Card work?

It's pretty simple really. Spend over £7 on your PERi-PERi fix, and earn a chilli.

It doesn't matter if you spend £7, or £70, that chilli is yours (just remember to hand over your Nando's Card at the till before you order). In three visits time, you'll have your Green Reward, just like that!

If you forget to bring your Card (we understand accidents happen) ask for a Forgotten Card code before you order and add your earned chilli on later here.  

Claiming a reward? Just ask when you order (and make sure you've registered your Card!).

See, we told you, simple. 

Can I redeem more than one reward at a time?

Yes! The ball is completely in your court. Feeling a Friday feast? Then you redeem those rewards and don't let anyone stop you. Craving a cheeky Tuesday treat? Claim any of your rewards alone, in any order you like.

You don't need to spend anything to claim a reward, just walk up to the till, hand over your Nando's Card and ask for your reward (but don't forget to say please). Just make sure you've registered your card here or you can't redeem anything!

How much do I have to spend to earn a chilli?

Spend £7 or more and earn a chilli. There's a limit of one chilli, per day, per customer. Wanna know more? Have a look here.

Why do I have to register my Nando’s Card?

Registering your Nando's Card keeps your rewards safe (in case you lose your Nando's Card), and also means you can claim your rewards.  In fact, we're so keen on you registering your Card, we'll give you a chilli just for doing it.

While you're registering, you can opt in to receive emails from us, meaning we can remind you to use your rewards in good time before they expire.  We'll also email you with exclusive invitations, competition and insider gossip. Pretty nifty really. 

Do you have a loyalty card?

We sure do!

If you don't already have a Nando’s Card, make sure you pick one up from any of our restaurants next time you visit.

It works like this:

Spend over £7 on your PERi-PERi fix, and earn a chilli. It doesn't matter if you spend £7, or £70, that chilli is yours (just remember to hand over your Nando's Card at the till before you order). And with chillies, come rewards! In three visits time, you'll have your Green Reward, just like that!

For all the info about our Nando's Card, have a look here 

Do you accept Restaurant Choice and Luncheon vouchers?

Yes we do (as long as they’re still in date!).

Please visit their website here for the full terms and conditions. 

Are students entitled to a discount?

We do not offer any kind of national student discount, but pick up one of our Nando's Cards and start collecting chillies and earn rewards. Before you know it you'll be elbow-deep in free PERi-PERi (a welcome break from bread and baked beans…).

Are the Armed forces included in the emergency service discount scheme?

As our little way of saying thanks, we offer a 20% discount to members of the Armed Forces (Army, Navy, RAF). For this to be valid, we need to see a Military ID card with a photograph and an official forces logo.

The discount only applies to the card holders meal. Unfortunately, the discount cannot be applied to Online Takeaway or Deliveroo orders.

For more information about this discount, please click here.

What are the terms and conditions for the 20% emergency discount offer?

Valid on eat in or take-away orders over £7

Only available on production of a valid ID for Police, Fire, Ambulance Services and NHS staff

20% discount is applied to the card holders purchase, up to the value of £20 

Does not apply to group purchases - unless everyone in the group has ID

ID must be produced at the time of purchase

Cannot be applied after the transaction has been completed

Valid for one person, per transaction, per day

Not valid in conjunction with any other offer

How does your emergency services discount work?

As our little way of saying thanks, we offer a 20% discount to Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff.  

To use this discount, we need to see a valid ID card, and the discount is only valid for the ID card holder’s purchase, up to the value of £20.  

We also offer a Military discount which works in exactly the same way. Unfortunately, the discount cannot be applied to Online Takeaway or Deliveroo orders.

For more information and the full Terms and Conditions, please click here.

Online Takeaway
Can I order online takeaway through the app?

Yep!  We've added Online Takeaway as a feature of our Nando's app - Yay! Nando's is just a few taps away.

If you can't see the Online Takeaway section in your app (it's pretty obvious) then you may need to download the update from your app store.

What do I do if something goes wrong whilst I’m creating my order?

Should your screen freeze or something crashes, then please start again. We know it can be frustrating! Make sure you check your order, and then continue adding to it until everything is in there ready for checkout.

Please let us know what happened by getting in touch here so we can fix any problems for next time.

What do you do with my registration data?

We’ll use it to get in touch with you about any orders you’ve placed (like dropping you an email to confirm we’ve got your order). If you tick the box to opt-in, we’ll send you occasional newsletters from Nando’s (so you’ll hear about the latest competitions and new things on the menu first!)

Don’t worry, we won’t pass your details on to third parties for marketing purposes.

And, really importantly, if you give us your Nando’s Card number, that means that we can add on any chillies that you earn. 

Why can’t I choose my preferred time to collect my order?

To make sure we can get everyone’s orders ready on time, there’s a limited number of slots available for any given time period. We calculate this based on the total number and size of orders being placed and if yours is large or we’re particularly busy then we may have to ask you to choose a later collection time. 

Is online takeaway available in all of your restaurants?

Pretty much all of our restaurants offer online takeaway.  

The only ones excluded at the moment are Gatwick Airport, Exeter, Canterbury, Durham, Carlisle and Peterborough.

Can I change or add items to my order once I’ve placed my order online/mobile?

Sorry, this isn’t possible. Once you’ve placed your order we’ll take payment for that exact order and we can’t go back and change anything. If you’ve forgotten something or want to change part of your order then please speak to the restaurant staff when you collect – there may be a chance we can help but it’s likely you’ll have to queue.

Can I use my Nando's Card when making an Online Takeaway order?


You can earn Chillies, but at the moment you can't redeem Rewards when you order takeaway - we're working on it, so watch this space.  To make sure your card is credited witha Chilli, you just need to make sure you enter your Nando's Card number on your takeaway account details.  The usual terms and conditions apply and you can of course bank your Rewards for next time you eat-in.

I can’t remember my login details, how can I reset my password?

Easy, just enter your email or mobile phone number that you used to register for online takeaway ordering and we’ll send you a link where you can reset your password. If you continue to have problems then get in touch with us here and we can help you get sorted.

What happens if I place my order and realise I have selected the incorrect restaurant once I receive the confirmation email?

Call the restaurant straight away so that they can make sure they don't cook the food and waste any PERi greatness.  Their contact details can be found in your confirmation e-mail or check here.

To arrange for the money to be put back on your card, please get in touch with us here. We will need to take some card details from you and the money may take up to 10 working days to show in your account.

You can go back to place your Online Takeaway with the correct restaurant, but you will need to submit payment again.

How can I edit my registration details?

Just head here, sign in and then hit the “Edit my details” link to change any of your details.  Or if you're on the app, you can change your details in the settings tab. If you have any problems then please get in touch with us here and we can help you. 

Why aren't I getting chillies for my online orders?

At the moment, Online Takeaway and Nando’s Card are separate, so you need an account for both (we’re looking into it, so watch this space!).

This means to get chillies added to your Nando’s Card when you order online, you need to create an Online Takeaway account and update it to include your Nando’s Card number.

To do this, log in on our website to your Online Takeaway account, click ‘editing your details’ and put in your Nando’s Card number. Once you’ve done that, your chillies should add automatically. 

How do I give you feedback about my online takeaway experience?

If there's a problem that needs fixing, please speak to the restaurant directly by giving them a ring. Their contact details can be found here.  

If you want to share some general feedback about your experience you can get in touch here. We’d love to hear what you think – good or bad!

Why am I being asked to change my Nando’s Card/Takeaway password?

We’ve updated our password policy to meet a tougher set of criteria. This means we’ll ask you to change your password from time to time to make sure your hard earned Chillies and Rewards are kept super safe.  

I got back home and I'm not happy with my order/I'm missing items, what shall I do?

Please give the restaurant you collected from a call, ask to speak to the manager on duty and they'll find a way to put things right.  (Find the number here or check your order confirmation e-mail)

I'm having problems with the online takeaway website, who can i speak to?

Please get in touch with us here and we can look into it for you. Please note that we’re here during office hours only so if you’re desperate for your takeaway then give the restaurant a call instead and we can take your order over the phone.  Find your closest restaurant 

Can I use vouchers or Gift Cards when I place an order online?

Unfortunately, not right now. If you want to pay using a voucher or gift card, give the restaurant a call to place your order and pay when you pick it up from us.

Find the number for your local Nando's here.

What do I need to bring with me when I come to collect my order?

Ordered by phone?

Two things: your name and the last four digits of your mobile phone number (or the person’s whose account it was ordered from).

Ordered online?

Three things: your name,  the last four digits of your mobile phone number (or the person’s whose account it was ordered from), and your payment card (to confirm your order). It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What if I work for the NHS, emergency services or military?

Unfortunately we can't apply discounts online at the moment.  

To get the discount, place your order by giving your local restaurant a call, let them know where you work and make sure you bring a valid photo ID when you collect your order.  

The usual terms and conditions apply - so if you don't have a valid photo ID with the relevant official logo when you collect your order then we may have to charge you the full amount or withhold items on your order.  Sorry, even we have to be strict sometimes.

What shall I do if I know I’m going to be late collecting my order?

f you need to speak to us about your order then please call the restaurant you’re collecting from (Find the number here or check your order confirmation email). We’ll be cooking your order to be ready at the time you selected. 

Why can’t I order my favourite Nando’s menu items online?

You can order almost everything from our menu online. There are certain tweaks and combinations you can’t do right now, but we think we’ve got the most popular requests covered.

Let us know here if there’s something you wanted to order but couldn’t – we can see if there’s anything we’ve overlooked and enable it in a future update. 

I placed an order online/mobile but didn’t receive a confirmation email, so have you got my order?

If you reached the confirmation screen after placing your order and paying for it, then it’s likely that the confirmation email just didn’t reach you, so check your junk folder and make sure your email is working ok.  If you didn’t get to the confirmation screen and didn’t get an email it’s likely something went wrong and your order hasn’t gone through. 

Please try again and get in touch with us here if you continue to have problems placing an order online. Feel free to give the restaurant a call too if you’re desperate to place your order as we can always take it over the phone. 

Our Chicken
Why don’t you use free range chicken?

Nando’s prides itself in offering great tasting food at great value. Chicken welfare is of utmost importance however we also need to consider the price our customers are willing to pay. We continue to engage with our suppliers in the search for practical welfare improvements.

How do you ensure that the farms which supply you chicken comply with your standards?

All of our suppliers hold Red Tractor industry standard accreditation which is strictly regulated. In addition we employ an independent auditing company and our internal technical team also undertake regular visits to all our suppliers.  We are confident that these processes ensure that the chicken we serve meets the high standard which our customers demand.

How Is Nando's Chicken Cooked?

Our chickens are marinated for at least 24 hours before being cooked. Every oven in Nando’s kitchens is pre-programmed to ensure chicken is cooked thoroughly and each batch is temperature checked before serving to ensure it has reached at least 75 degrees. Each chicken is then flame-grilled to order.

Who supplies you with Chicken?

All of our chicken is British and is fresh, never frozen. We use several suppliers including; Cargill, Moy Park, Faccenda, Freemans of Newent and 2Sisters. 

Do you use battery chicken?

No. All of our chickens are barn reared to Red Tractor standard. The majority of our chickens are raised in sheds with natural light and with access to welfare enrichment such as perches, hay bales and pecking objects.  

What welfare enrichment do you provide?

All of our chickens are reared in deep littered, well-ventilated barns with constant access to food and water. Hay bales, perches and pecking objects are also used in the majority of our sheds to encourage natural behaviour. 

What are you doing to improve welfare?

We insist that all of our suppliers adhere to Red Tractor standards. As part of a continuous review of our suppliers, we continue in the search for practical welfare improvements.

Outdoor Catering
How do I book your Outdoor Catering Unit?

With great power comes great responsibility!

Managing PERi-PERi on wheels takes a special kind of talent, so we can’t let just anyone have control of our Cock o' Van sadly.

However, we take to the road in all sorts of places, from the muddiest of festivals to the A-est of A-lister events, so keep an eye out and we might pop up near you!

How much VAT do you charge?

We currently charge 20% VAT, which can be seen on our receipts. The price listed on our menus includes VAT, so you're not paying any extra. 

Why do you charge the same price for eat in as takeaway?

Because we serve hot food, the price is the same whether you get your PERi fix with us or choose to get a takeaway.