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Halal Chicken

We have 64 restaurants which serve only Halal chicken and are signposted both in the restaurant and online. A small proportion of chicken sold in our other restaurants is also Halal and is not currently labelled when served. We continue to look at ways to offer chicken dishes which are guaranteed to be non-Halal. 

Nando’s serves Halal chicken in the following selected restaurants:

London (within M25)

Balham, Barking, Bayswater, Beckton, Bethnal Green, Brixton, Croydon Valley Leisure Park, Dalston, Feltham, High Street Kensington, Harrow - Station RoadHounslow, Ilford, Kilburn, Kingsbury, Mile End, Park Royal, Shepherds Bush, South Harrow, Stratford, Stroud Green, Tooting, Wembley, Wembley Park, Whitechapel, Wood Green 


Bristol - Aspects Leisure, Fareham, Luton, Oxford - Cowley Road, Slough - High street, Slough - Queensmere, Watford - High Street


Birmingham Broad Street, Birmingham - Star City  Coventry - City, Leicester - Freemans; Leicester - Highcross, Leicester - Granby StreetWest BromwichWolverhampton


Ashton Moss, Bolton, Bradford Leisure Exchange, Bradford Centenary Square, Huddersfield, Leeds - Cardigan Fields, Liverpool - Queen Square, Manchester - Oxford Road, Manchester - Trafford Centre, Manchester - Parrs Wood, Manchester - The Fort, MetroCentre - Blue Mall, MetroCentre - Qube, Middlesbrough, Newcastle - The Gate, Oldham, Preston - Deepdale, Preston - MarketplaceSheffield Valley Centertainment, Wakefield,  


Glasgow - Springfield Quay 


Cardiff Old Brewery QuarterNantgarwHalal door sign

How do we publicise this?

•    Sign on the entrance of the restaurant

•    On the relevant restaurant page on this website

•    Certificate from our supplier (Freemans), 
     certifying the chickens in that restaurant are supplied by them

Please ask a member of staff at Nando’s if you are unsure.

Who supplies our Halal chicken?

Our Halal chickens are supplied to us by Freemans of Newent. They are authorised by the Islamic institute of Jurisprudence and are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Halal chicken.
We are committed to the highest standards and therefore the quality, welfare and health of our chicken is a priority. We ensure that Freemans of Newent follow the strict Red Tractor Farm Assurance Standards. All our chickens are indoor-reared. They are pre-stunned which minimises suffering and fear. The method used is a high frequency low voltage stun – this means the chicken is still alive, but unconscious when it is hand slaughtered and blessed by licensed Muslim slaughter men.  Their slaughter process is overseen by Mr. Ali Bham who has been a practicing Muslim slaughter man for over 20 years.
Our Halal and non-Halal chicken products are never mixed at our suppliers and are clearly segregated in our distribution centre. Our restaurants are authorised only to receive poultry from our approved distribution centre. 

Why do we serve Halal chicken in selected restaurants?

We always decide which restaurants will serve Halal chicken before it first opens.  We base our decision on a range of criteria, such as:

• Local population

• Type of restaurant

• Potential future openings in the area

• Distance to nearest restaurant serving Halal chicken

• Distribution factors

We do not have any plans to change the supply arrangements at any of our existing Halal-only restaurants.


Page Updated 28th July 2014