Nando's Quick Guide
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First restaurant opened - Ealing. But as it was more of a take-away, it didn't really work!
The FA launch the football 'Premier League'

Restaurant stories

Student Heaven


Kingston had a make-over in 2011, we wanted to keep it lively, especially as the area has such a vibrant student population – which is one reason we used fabulous original school chairs.

Our art

We have the biggest collection of South African art in the U.K, with 3000 pieces across our restaurants. That's 2,500 more than Tate Britain's total display!

We love kids so much we gave them their own menu. Click here for more info on family dining at Nando's.

The Legend of Barcelos Cockerel

This tale dates back to the 14th century and, like all legends, the details differ depending on whos doing the telling.

Here's our version: A pilgrim was passing through the village of Barcelos in Portugal when he was wrongly accused of theft. This was a serious charge for which a guilty verdict meant death.

The pilgrim was brought before the towns judge, who was about to eat a roast cockerel for his dinner. Feeling vulnerable in a strange village, and knowing what his sorry fate might be, the pilgrim pleaded "If I am innocent, may that cockerel get up and crow!" No sooner had he spoken, than the cockerel got up and crowed heartily (well it is a legend) with that, the pilgrim was released and went on his way.

The Barcelos cockerel has, to this day, been the symbol of Faith, Justice and Good Fortune.