Are you looking to improve your animal welfare standards?

We recognise the need to continually re-evaluate existing standards and have spent the last two years working on a strategy to address the complex relationship between higher welfare standards, environmental issues and supply-chain management. We know that as leading restaurant group we have a responsibility to overcome these challenges and ensure that every aspect of how we source our chicken is done in the best possible way.  

We have partnered with Compassion in World Farming, FAI Farms and the Soil Association to introduce a new long-term chicken welfare policy. This will include a range of key welfare metrics so we can measure and track its progress to help drive real change in the chicken industry.   

In May 2020 we signed the Better Chicken Commitment, which means that we pledge to fully implement higher standards of welfare for chickens in our supply chain by 2026.  With this commitment, we are pledging to give chickens better lives, and we are working with suppliers and industry groups to:    

  • Make a 100% shift to a breed of chicken that is naturally slower growing.  This breed is a stronger, healthier chicken that has already been proven to enjoy increased playing and jumping, which in the chicken industry is a true sign of health and wellbeing. These birds will be given more space in which to roam and live.   

  • Work in partnership with farmers to help deliver improved farming practices that add value to both the birds and the farms themselves. 

  • Invest in studies to advance understanding of how Nando’s can further reduce the impact of chicken feed on its carbon footprint 

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