Help! I've lost my physical Nando's Card. What do I do?

The important thing is not to panic… If you’ve registered your card, all is not lost! Nothing is lost, to be precise. All you need to do is log into your account and add your Nando’s Card to your mobile wallet.

You can also request a new physical card and have your account blocked if there is a risk someone may use your card. We’ll send you a shiny new Nando’s Card within 10 days, topped up with all your Chilli Points and rewards on. If you have added your Nando’s Card to your mobile wallet, it will also automatically update to the new card number.

Not registered your physical card? We hope you’re sitting down for this… We’re afraid we can’t save your Chilli Points and you’ll need to create a Nando’s Card account and get a new card for your mobile wallet.

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