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Nando's Account

Nando's Account

What is my Nando's Account for?

Your Nando's account is your single account to give access to all of our services whether it be Nando's card, Collection and Delivery or restaurant WiFi.

What happens to my Nando's Card account?

Your Nando's Card account is safe and sound and still ready to use to earn Rewards. You'll need to link your Nando's card to your Nando's account to be able to access it easier.

Do I still need my Nando's Card?

Yes! You can still use your Nando's Card in restaurant to earn Chilli Points and redeem rewards. You can also earn Chilli Points with Collect and Delivery Orders

How do I link my Nando's Card account to my Nando's Account?

Log in to the app and there will be a CTA to 'Register my Nando's Card'. Click on this and you wil be taken to a page to enter your card number.

How do I add a Nando’s Card to my Nando's Account?

First you must sign up for an account or on the Nando’s app.

If you already have an account then log in or on the Nando’s app. You will then be prompted to link your physical Nando’s Card if you have one. You do this by entering the 16 digit code on the back of your card to link your card and view your Nando’s Card status.

If you don’t have a physical Nando’s Card then don’t worry! You can get a Nando’s Card for your mobile wallet here as well.

I’ve received a message telling me that my card is already registered. What should I do?

You might already have a registered Nando's Card account that exists on a different email address to your Nando's ID account. 

Please contact our Customer Experience team on 020 3974 2182 to help you link these two accounts.

I have received a message telling me my card is invalid. What should I do?

Check that you are correctly entering your 16 digit Nando’s card number on the back of your Nando’s Card. If you continue to see the message, please contact our customer service help desk on
020 3974 2182.

I already have an old Takeaway/Delivery account. How will these be affected?

If you have a delivery you can login with those details. If you previously only had a takeaway account to collect, then you’ll have to create a new account. This is part of the journey to give users a single account at Nando’s to use all our services and this will be the only time.

I’ve received an email asking me to verify my account again - why is this?

We email customers on average every few weeks but this doesn’t include service emails (i.e reward expiry etc.)

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