What Rewards Can I Get With My Nando's Card?

Rewards you want, and rewards you shall have!

Your reward options are:

3 Chillies = Green Reward: ¼ chicken, or any Fire-Starter (excluding Altogether Now and Wing Roulette)

6 Chillies = Orange Reward: ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta (excluding steak products, Chicken Thighs, Chicken Wings, Chicken Butterfly, Sunset Burger, Butterfly Burger)

10 Chillies = Red Reward: a whole chicken, or any single combination meal with regular sides (excluding steak products, Double Chicken Burger/Pitta/Wrap + 1 or 2 regular sides).
Your Chillies are displayed on a Chilli wheel, which counts up to 10. Once you reach 10, the wheel goes back to the beginning, but you can go around the wheel as many times as you like. Think of it like a chilli clock, but with rewards earned along the way. Don't panic when the wheel starts recounting, your Chilli count carries on going, and your rewards are banked, ready for your next PERi-fix on us. Before you rush off to claim your hard earned rewards, make sure you register your Nando's Card, because you can only claim your rewards once you've done it. It's quick and easy and only takes a few minutes, and what's that compared to a lifetime of rewardy-goodness? Register your Nando's Card here if you haven't already.

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