How does Nando's Card work?

Each time you visit us and spend  £7 or more*, you'll receive a Chilli Point, and Chillies lead to Rewards! Don't forget to register your card to earn Rewards. 

Green Reward (3 Chilli Points): A ¼ chicken, or any Fire-Starter (excluding All Together Now and Wing Roulette)
Orange Reward (6 Chilli Points): A ½ chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta (excluding steak and Chicken Butterfly products and Sunset Burger)
Red Reward (10 Chilli Points): A whole chicken, or any single combination meal with regular sides

The Rewards don't stop at 10 Chilli Points - they keep stacking up every time you visit. And the best bit? You have one year to redeem them. Find out more here.  

* Excluding gift card purchases. You can earn a maximum of one Chilli Point per day.

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