Feast Your Eyes 2018

After heaps of excitement last year, we brought our pop up gallery back, this time to Nando’s Notting Hill! 

Just like Nando’s Soho, Notting Hill was transformed into an art gallery to showcase some breath-taking art from five super-talented Southern African artists. 

With guest appearances from the artists themselves, some exciting workshops for the public to book and get involved, and - of course - plenty of PERi-PERi. So guests got to feast their eyes and fill their stomach!

All five exhibiting artists are passionate individuals making waves with their work. So big-up to Diana Hyslop, Johann Sebastian Borckenhagen, Asanda Kupa, Emma Willimse, Audrey Andrerson - we feel proud to have you up on our walls!

Meet the artists

Sebastian Borckenhagen

Sebastian Borckenhagen (b. 1986) covers diverse creative ground that includes comics, animation, drawing, painting and collage.

Asanda Kupa

Since the infamous Marikana massacre of 2012, the work of Asanda Kupa (b.1981) has centred on the subject of mass protest and social movements in South Africa.

Emma Willemse

Emma Willemse describes herself as a conceptual artist...

Diana Hyslop

Diana Hyslop (b. 1949) describes her art practice as magic realism, an apt term for work that combines a range of objects from realities both commonplace and fantastical...

Audrey Anderson

The work of Audrey Anderson (b. 1982) is inspired by the “accidental” truths and narratives hidden within the mundanity of the everyday.