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Being Sustainable

It isn't just a buzz word for us.

That’s why we set up a dedicated Nando’s Sustainability team over 10 years ago. And we haven’t stopped since. We’re proud of where we’ve got to, but we know we’ve still got a way to go. 

Chicken’s just one of the things we care about. There’s also the people that make the chicken in our communities across the UK, Ireland and Southern Africa. And where we make it: our planet. These are our key focuses and here are some of the things we do...

People and Communities

Changing lives together is at our heart. From the way we source our PERi-PERi to the art in our restaurants, we're always finding ways to help our global and local communities.

Like No Chuckin’ Our Chicken (NCOC), our food donation programme we started back in 2013. All about reducing waste, restaurants work with local charities to collect leftover chicken and make meals for those in need. Fast forward to 2024, we’ve supported over 500 charities across the UK and Ireland and donated more than 4.5 million meals.

And it’s not just about the food. NCOC has its own employability programme, too. Working with our charity partners, we upskill talent from different backgrounds and match them to job opportunities at Nando’s.

Southern Africa

Our homeland’s just as important to us, so we try to support as many communities there as we can. Did you know Nando’s is the biggest collector of South African contemporary art? You only have to look around the restaurant to see for yourself. That goes for our furniture, lighting and soft furnishings, too.

We’re also part of the fight against malaria in Mozambique through Nando’s Fighting Malaria. An initiative close to our founder, Robbie Brozin’s heart, we’ve been working with our spray partner, Goodbye Malaria since 2017. Since then, we've sprayed 22 districts, protected 4,284,087 lives and we’re so close to reaching zero malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. If we keep it up, along with the new vaccine, we’ll hit that goal, too.


We know we’ve got a big responsibility when it comes to environmental impact. So we’re always looking at new technology and innovative ways to reduce that.

We buy 100% renewable electricity across our restaurants in UK and Ireland. We’ve also started using a new waste recycling system in some of our restaurants that reuses waste heat from our kitchens to heat water and buildings. This reduces our CO2 emissions and helps us reach our goal of being net zero. It doesn't stop there, we're working hard with our key suppliers to reduce emissions across our supply chain.

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For the people

At Nando's we’re all about the people. It's the people that make the chicken and it’s the people that bring the passion to our restaurants...

For the food

We know that our food is a big part of the environmental impact of our business and we’re doing everything we can to keep that impact as low as possible...

For the planet

We’ve always wanted to make sure that our restaurants are not just beautiful spaces to be in, but that they also support their local communities and have a minimal impact on the planet...