Cook up a storm!

Your taste buds deserve more, and that's where we come in. Whether you're firing up a feast or saucing up a snack, grab a bottle of the good stuff and let's get started!

Bring The Heat Home

Craving PERi-PERi? Enjoy Nando’s classics at your home!


Warm and comforting, like a hug from the inside.

Easy Squeezy

Dip, squeeze and dunk your way to dinner with an extra zing!

Quick Recipes

Short on time? Let’s have a quickie.


Quick, healthy, and a dash of
PERi-PERi. What more could you want?


Looking to impress? Look no further.

Eggcellent bites

What came first? Who cares, just add a splash of PERi-PERi and enjoy!


Meal prep meets PERi-PERi. The best kind of organised fun.


Who doesn’t love a nibble in-between meals?

Lets get local

A taste of culture (no museum required). 

Meal Kits

Big on taste, short on time? Think inside the box.