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Everyone is Welcome

Inspired by our Southern African heritage we know and value the richness that diversity brings, not just in running a successful business, but in creating a better world for us all to live in. We believe in inclusivity and opportunity for all - at Nando’s you will find people from every country, every race, and every religion working together and eating together.

Gender pay data gives us insight, makes us challenge ourselves and puts action in place to drive meaningful change. We are proud of the work we have already done and are committed to driving more action over the coming years. We know that by empowering and enabling everyone to flourish and thrive, we grow our business and deliver on our purpose of changing lives together.

Read more about Nando’s Gender Pay Gap figures and what actions we are taking below:

Gender Pay Gap Glossary

Gender Pay Gap report 2024

Gender Pay Gap report 2023

Gender Pay Gap report 2022

Gender Pay Gap report 2021

Gender Pay Gap report 2019

Gender Pay Gap report 2018

Gender pay gap image
Gender pay gap image
Gender pay gap image
Gender pay gap image
Gender pay gap image