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Stakeholder engagement: Section 172 Companies Act 2006

The Directors act in a way that they believe promotes the success of the company for the benefit of all its stakeholders as a whole.  This statement applies to Nando’s Group Holdings Limited and Nando’s Chickenland Limited.

Nando’s believes its purpose is to Change Lives, together.  Nando’s does this whilst being a successful and sustainable commercial enterprise selling some of the most delicious chicken in the world.  We work hard to do this through the business – driving social impact by developing and then, critically, embedding programmes into our everyday operations, specifically our people, our supply chains and the communities where we operate.  We believe that this enhances our impact; building sustainable programmes that resonate with employees and customers over the long term and activate the business to strive to be a force for good in society and with clear goals as to how to limit environmental impact, for example carbon footprint.

When making key decisions, Nando’s considers all its stakeholders:

  1. Act fairly between all members of the company.
  2. Have our employees’ (Nandocas’) best interests at heart.
  3. Foster good relationships with suppliers, customers and our communities and care for the environment in which we operate.

Act fairly

Nando’s is committed to acting fairly between all stakeholders of the company and to transparency in its activities.

Nandocas first

We believe Nandocas are our greatest asset and are key to the company’s development.  We therefore work hard to attract and develop the best people we can.

Our Values of Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity and Family underpin everything we do – from the way in which we recruit and train – to the way in which we develop and reward.

Programmes are embedded into our everyday operations, and numerous training and growth opportunities exist at all levels – both in-restaurant and at Central Support. These are designed to both motivate, develop and retain Nandocas, and help them be the best they can be. Wherever possible, we promote from within and last, but not least, we believe in playing as hard as we work, so fun days, conferences, outings, team charity work, and not to forget, a free meal every working day, also feature in the mix.

Good relationships

Through a number of programmes, we work hard to do our best for our customers, supply chain partners and people in our broader communities. We’re also determined to improve our environmental sustainability to help fight climate change, and to take care of the welfare of our chickens.  Our aim is to help create a healthier, happier and more environmentally sustainable planet.

Covid-19 responses

  • In the UK, we donated 54 000 free meals to NHS workers. We also took part in the UK’s ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme and gave customers 50% off all food and soft drinks up to £20 when dining in.
  • In terms of health and safety, we ensured we were ready to welcome customers back safely. In the UK alone, we invested over £20 million into new safety measures and technology for our restaurants.

It’s heart-warming to note that Nandocas were at the centre of all these initiatives. We’re immensely proud that we were able to help so many people during this difficult time.

No Chuckin’ our Chicken

This programme aims to stop unnecessary food waste, by giving excess food from our restaurants to those that need it most in the communities within which we operate. Since 2013, we’ve donated 2 million meals to local charities.

This year, we also launched a new food donation and employment programme, aimed at helping vulnerable young people and families across some of our regions.

Fuel your Future

By supporting disadvantaged young people with employment opportunities and free meals, this programme is designed to make both a lasting impact and to relieve immediate needs.


Since the launch of the PERi-Farms programme in 2011, we now work with 1,200 small-scale farmers across Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa. 100% of our African Bird’s Eye Chillies come from these regions. In addition to giving farmers access to the latest techniques, quality seedlings and finance, we also provide them with a fixed outlay for their crop and a premium for every kilogram of chillies harvested. It doesn’t end there. We’re also building education, experience and innovation to broaden farming capabilities, to cover more ingredients across a wider geography, and already, cayenne pepper and paprika trials have been successful.

Portal to Africa

This initiative was established in 2012 to digitally connect our restaurants around the world to emerging Southern African artisans, furniture makers and crafts people. It supports young designers by helping them set up and grow their and ideas and business. Specific works can be commissioned and today, over 60 designers feature on the portal. We continue to source new talent through our ‘Hot Young Designer’ competition and industry days.

Kinder to the planet

Nando’s UK is the first restaurant group in Europe with an approved Science Based Target (targets for meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement). We’re committed to achieving these targets. Since 2015, we’ve successfully reduced the carbon footprint of the average Nando’s meal by 40%.

We are working hard to do more, but right now we have some that we simply can’t avoid.  Until they are sorted, we are going to completely balance our footprint through carbon offsetting projects.  That’s why we’re backing forestry and cookstove projects to offset our carbon footprint, which help change the lives of people in our homeland of Southern Africa. We’re proud to support the Kariba Forest Project in Zimbabwe – which aims to reduce deforestation and improve the lives of over 37,000 people through improved nutrition, healthcare and clean water – and Wonderbag’s  clean cooking project in South Africa – which aims to reduce the fuel needed for cooking by 70%.

We’re using 100% renewable electricity and will switch to 100% renewable gas by 2022 to eliminate direct emissions.

Even though we've already cut the carbon footprint of our meals by 40%, we're committing to become Net Zero by 2030. That means we'll need to go even further, bringing down our emissions by another 50%. That’s a target approved by heavyweights, the Science Based Targets Initiative.

We have an agreed reduction plan in place. We’ll be reporting on our progress and sharing our roadmap to get Net Zero.

We believe that healthy chickens shouldn’t cost the earth. But here’s the deal, if you want to improve chicken welfare, that normally means higher emissions.

We’ve signed the Better Chicken Commitment to implement higher standards of chicken welfare, to ensure stronger, healthier chickens by 2026. To this end, we’re working with suppliers and industry group in partnership with farmers, investing in research and using a naturally slower growing breed of chicken in our supply chains. This builds on our long-standing commitment to meeting Red Tractor Standards, and in the UK, always serving 100% British chicken, which is fresh and never frozen.

Stakeholder engagement

The Directors act in a way that they believe promotes the success of the company for the benefit of all its stakeholders as a whole and has set out above decisions and actions demonstrating the consideration of different stakeholder groups.