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What’s the new Nando’s bundle? 

Football season’s here and we're not playing. We’ve teamed up with three of our favourite England players for Bring the Heat Home, putting their go-to meals on our menu.

Grab them on Nando's Delivery or Collect - just order Trent's Takeaway, Mount's Munch or Saka's Special. Mid-match munch, sorted. 

Another highlight? Our footballers will be giving away Nando’s gift cards to fans on their social channels. Stay on the ball...   

What’s included in the Nando’s bundle? 

  • Mount’s Munch
    Sunset Burger Medium, PERi-Salted Chips and Corn on the Cob. 
  • Trent’s Takeaway 
    Butterfly Chicken PERi-Tamer, PERi-Salted Chips and Garlic Bread. 
  • Saka's Special  
    4 Boneless Chicken Thighs PERi-Tamer, PERi-Salted Chips and Garlic Bread. 

When can I get the Nando’s bundle? 

The deal is available every day from 15 November until 18 December.