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With all these days merging into one, every day might as well be the weekend now, and if that’s not worth celebrating, what is? 

To help you sink your teeth into something spectacular for the occasion, we’ve created a list of PERi-Packed recipes for you to cook up at home. From a homely meal of Mac n Cheese to a sweet chocolate mug cake treat with a twist, make the most of your time indoors with something delicious. 

Don’t panic if you can’t get all the ingredients, we’ve added a few substitute suggestions to each recipe anyway. If you’ve still not got those, get creative and add what you want! 

For the perfect PERi-PERi vibe, get one of our music playlists blasting while you get cooking and have the ultimate at home experience!  

Chilli Stack  

- To make it veggie friendly, just use veggie mince or add more kidney beans/other beans that you fancy  

- Substitute peppers for mushrooms and/or courgettes  

Cornflake Chicken  

- No cornflakes? Use porridge oats instead! 

- Substitute chicken with tofu or halloumi if you want a veggie option. 

Mac n Cheese  

- No macaroni? No problem. Add any small pasta shape you have. 

- Substitute mature cheddar for any other hard cheese – Cheddar or Red Leicester also work  

Mug Cake  

- Let’s get fruity! Add some frozen berries in the batter, or warm through tinned peaches or plums.

Pick up our tasty PERi-PERi sauces from most major supermarkets and get pouring, coating, dipping and baking to your hearts content!   

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