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Orpington, we've arrived! Our doors have officially opened, and not only do we have a stunner of a restaurant to show you, but we've got something extra special for you too...

Amidst our quirky restaurant design, you'll find a Dion Cupido exclusive mural adorning one of our walls - a breath-taking masterpiece of vibrant colours and dramatic brush strokes.  

In his 'bigger the better' mantra, Dion's piece expands over a whole wall, a treat for any eyes, art-worshiper or not!

But who is this impressive artist and what's his story?

Allow us to introduce to you Dion Cupido, the accidental artist!

Born in 1973 in South Africa, Dion started painting professionally in 2001 and particularly loves painting portraits, though recently his work has moved to the more abstract type (meaning our piece is even more special!).

Dion is self-trained, and spends most of his free time in galleries and attending workshops - to say he's passionate would be an understatement! His particular passion lies in emotional expressiveness, using a bold and confident style.

Fun fact: Dion discovered his ability for painting by accident while helping a friend with a school project.

Dion is best known for his African Pop-Art, and we've been collecting his art since 2008. With over 120 pieces in our collection, it's clear we're a pretty big fan! 

He flew to the UK specially to do this piece for us, and as we watched him working directly paint-to-wall, we asked him the question on everyones lips... 

Aren’t you scared of making a mistake?

Dion, calm and cool as ever, replied: The whole painting is one mistake after the other. The trick is getting the mistakes to work.

So, after all those hints, can you guess what our piece in Orpington is? 

Well, there's only one way to know for sure...