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They say true art takes time and patience… They missed out PERinaise.

After a year of designing the perfect form to put PERinaise in the palm of your hand, it’s time to launch our brand-spanking new squeezy bottle PERinaise. And we’re pretty proud to say… it’s PERifect!

PERinaise now has a fresh new look in an easy-squeezy bottle... glass jars are so 2015.

Creamy PERinaise is now just a squeeze away from all those snack-saving, bland-banishing opportunities that comes your way! Say goodbye to those sleepless nights spent craving PERinaise, those leafy salads that are in need of a creamy pick me up, and those lonely old work desk-picnics desperate for a squeeze of deliciousness.

PERinaise… at your service.

With one PERinaise pot sold every 5 seconds in our restaurants, we don’t really have to tell you how tasty this stuff is, but we will say that you can now get exclusive out-of-hours access.

We’ve bottled up the good stuff and it’s ready and waiting at a supermarket near you. Check out where right here.