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Time to celebrate! 

The results are in and there’s finally something to celebrate in 2020 (bet a global pandemic wasn’t on the cue cards hey...). 

We can’t celebrate with you just yet but stay tuned to find out how we’re going to help you party real soon! 

Will we be celebrating Results Day this year?

We will, just a little later this year. Stay tuned for September!  

Will Nando’s be giving away free chicken again on Results Day this year for GCSE & A-Level?

We’re not giving away anything on the day this year but stay tuned for September students…  

Why are you not doing a Results Day activity this year?

Given the circumstances, the safety of our customers and team is still our number one priority. We also want to make sure customers can take full advantage of the offer when we are open at a national level for Eat-In.   

We give away free food to GCSE & A-Level students each year to celebrate their hard work across the academic year and celebrate with them as they move onto the next chapter of their life, whatever that may be. We get that this year has been a tough one, especially for students and we don’t want anyone to be left out or miss the opportunity to celebrate with some PERi-PERi. Watch this space for more details of what we have planned in the upcoming months.

If you do this later in the year, I will no longer be an A-Level/GCSE student?

Don’t worry, we know and we will take that into account. There’ll be no missing out on PERi-PERi on our watch!  

How will we know when this is happening?

Keep an eye on our social channels over the coming months for more information