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Hot heads unite!

We’ve got a brand new heat level, which will have you hot-heads rejoicing and Lemon & Herb devotees quaking in their boots.

Vusa. Our new Extra, Extra Hot spice.

There’s Hot. There’s Extra Hot. And then there’s this.

Nando's VUSA

Our fiercest, fieriest spice yet, taking the top spot on Nando’s menu and the PERi-ometer! Whatever you order is, Vusa XX Hot will turn up the heat on your usual, just don’t say we didn’t warn you…

But it’s not just about the spice, it's about flavour too. Bursting with zesty lemon, punchy garlic and a heap of African bird’s eye chilli heat, Vusa XX Hot has more to offer than just a tingling tongue.

Go on, give it your best shot, try it today with Nando’s Delivery & Collect.