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Chances are, if you’ve ever had one of our burgers or garlic bread you’ve had a taste of our distinctive Portuguese rolls. We get a lot of questions about how we make our Portuguese rolls and why’re they’re so good, so we’ve risen to the occasion and have all the answers you’ll ever…ahem…knead.

Our classic Nando’s Portuguese roll

Our traditional Portuguese rolls are made right here in the UK, in keeping with the traditional Portuguese method.

The recipe uses a ‘sponge dough’ which means we split the dough into two batches and let one ferment for 12 hours before adding it to the remaining dough. This extra step adds flavour and produces a softer crumb so the end product is the perfect combination of taste and texture.

If reading this is making you hungry to try one, you’ll find the classic Portuguese bread roll in our:

- Grilled Chicken Burger
- Beanie Burger
- Double Chicken Burger
- Garlic Bread (did you know our garlic bread is made from the Portuguese roll sliced into two?)

What about the bolo do caco (Portuguese bun)?

The bolo do caco is another type of traditional Portuguese bun, this time hailing from Madeira and made with sweet potato flour for a natural sweetness. Ours are made in Portugal and baked inside a tin ring to create the traditional muffin-like shape.

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