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Leafy Green Salad

New side salad alert...

Get your greens with our Leafy Green Salad, available for Eat-in, Collect and Delivery.

What's in it?

Fresh mixed salad leaves in a sweet and herby vinegar dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Topped with toasted PERi-PERi seeds for that little bit of crunch, it’s a lighter option if you’re all about balance.

Nando's leady green salad blue background Nando's leady green salad blue background

Mix it up your order

Everyone’s got their usual, but this one’s worth changing things up. Try it with our Garlic Churrasco Burger and PERi-Mac & Cheese - who knows, it might end up being your new go-to.

Finish off with our new Warm Chocolate Pud, served with vanilla ice cream and a sweet orange curd that’s got a flicker of chilli.

How long will this be available on the menu?

Our new side salad’s evergreen. Get it in the UK and Ireland all year round.

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