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New spice: Smoky Churrasco

Add a rich, spicy and smoky kick to your main.

Is it hot in here or is it just us? 

You’re right, it is. Probably because our brand new spice has just dropped. Meet, Smoky Churrasco. 

Churrasco means barbecue in Portuguese - and we know how much you loved our Garlic BBQ spice. So this time, we’ve turned up the heat. Made with zesty lemon, garlic and herbs with notes of smoked paprika, tomato and PERi-PERi, it’s rich and smoky and comes in Hot on the PERi-ometer. All thanks to those African Birds Eye Chillies. 

And with longer days and lighter nights, there’s really no better time to get your barbecue kick. Try it with a flame-grilled ½ Chicken, Grilled Chicken Wrap or Spiced Chickpea Burger. Want a taste without fully committing? Go for 3 Chicken Wings or a basted Portobello Mushroom. 

Available from 5th April until 9th September 2022, get it while you can. You can earn Chillies when you login and order online or via the Nando’s App, too.  

Smoky summer nights incoming. 

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