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John Murray

Murray harnesses the haphazard and ambiguous in his creative process, engaging both intuitive and conscious mark-making through a series of actions and reactions. His process and approach are common to both his representational and non-figurative work; with fragmentation, layers of paint and responses to residues describing a battle between a number of contrasting states.  

To date, Murray has held 11 solo shows and participated in numerous group exhibitions both locally and abroad, as well as workshops and residencies in New York City, Amsterdam, and Cape Town. He has also created two large-scale, site-specific mural commissions for Nando’s, one of which is located in the USA.

Nando's Guildford
Nando's Leeds - The Light
Nando's Birmingham - Star City
Nando's Birmingham - Star City
Nando's Harrow St George's

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