Nando’s Tax Strategy – Financial year ending 23 February 2020


This tax strategy applies to Nando’s Group Holdings Limited (‘NGHL’) and to the group of companies of which NGHL is the holding company.  A list of the entities to which it applies is set out in the appendix below. In this strategy, references to ‘Nando’s’ or the ‘Group’ are to all these entities. The strategy has been published in accordance with paragraph 16 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016 (“the schedule”).

This strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded. References to ‘UK Taxation’ are to the taxes and duties set out in paragraph 15(1) of the Schedule which include Income Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE, NIC, VAT, Insurance Premium Tax, and Stamp Duty Land Tax. References to ‘tax’, ‘taxes’ or ‘taxation’ are to UK taxation and to all corresponding worldwide taxes and similar duties for which Nando’s has legal responsibility.

About Nando’s

Nando’s operates worldwide casual dining restaurants (both company-owned and franchise) and the sale and distribution of sauces and condiments through the grocery channel. 

Nando’s is more than PERi-PERi and chicken. It’s about the people who work for us and the communities we touch. Inspired by our adventurous spirit and our values of Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity and Family, Nandocas – the name for people who work at Nando’s – are like a big extended family. At Nando’s, we love the fact that everyone is different, which is why everyone is welcome at our table!

The Nando’s restaurant experience is at the heart of our business and customers receive a warm welcome from our friendly ‘Nandocas’.  Each restaurant boasts its own unique ambience and original Southern African works of art ensuring that our legendary flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken is served in an atmosphere that sounds, looks and feels distinctively Afro-Portuguese. 

Approach to tax affairs

Nando’s purpose, ethics and business values underpin the Group’s approach to tax. In line with Nando’s value of integrity we expect to pay all taxes due, on time and manage our tax affairs in a responsible and transparent manner.

When entering into commercial transactions, the Group benefits from available tax incentives, reliefs and exemptions in line with, and in the spirit of, tax legislation. All transactions must have a commercial purpose and make sense from an operational perspective.  Nando’s does not enter into transactions where the main purpose would involve the benefit of a tax advantage.

Approach to tax risk management

Nando’s has a low risk appetite and this is reflected in the Group’s low risk approach to tax.  

Given the scale and complexity of our business and volume of tax obligations, risks will inevitably arise from time to time.  We actively seek to identify, evaluate, monitor and manage these risks through a risk control framework whereby tax risks are regularly reviewed and appropriate controls put in place.  Where errors occur Nando’s seeks to disclose these promptly.

Significant risks identified by the business are escalated to the Board for consideration.  As far as possible, through the activities of the Board, committees and finance teams, Nando’s seeks to monitor and manage the level of tax risk arising from its operations by ensuring that appropriate processes and controls are in place.

The Group Head of Tax and Group Finance Team provide guidance and advice to staff to ensure compliance with legislation. All UK tax submissions are reviewed by the Group Head of Tax before filing with HMRC.  The Group routinely take independent tax advice in order to ensure compliance with new or complicated legislation.

Approach to governance in relation to UK tax

Responsibility for Nando’s tax affairs, decision making and approvals rests with the relevant finance director with ultimate oversight from the NGHL board of directors. Day-to-day management of Nando’s tax affairs is delegated to the Group Head of tax who has responsibility for ensuring compliance with legislation, continually improving processes and controls and maintaining a positive relationship with tax authorities.  Nando’s recognise the importance of having organisational processes in place to ensure that the Group is able to properly comply with its tax strategy.

Working with HMRC

Nando’s continues to develop and foster a proactive, professional and transparent relationship with HMRC through communication with relevant HMRC personnel, as well as periodic face-to-face meetings. The group ensures that HMRC is kept aware of key developments as they occur.

Appendix- entities covered by this tax strategy document

Nando’s Group Holdings Limited
Nando’s Group Limited
Nando’s Finance Limited
Nando’s Chickenland Limited
Nando’s Limited
Nando’s Grocery International Limited
Nando’s Chicken Limited
Vicar Lane Bradford Limited
Broomco Chando’s Limited
Broomco (4061) Limited
Nando’s Restaurant Group Holdings Limited
Nando’s Sub Continent Holdings Limited
Nando’s Brand JV Co Limited
Nando’s Services Limited