nomThunzi Mashalaba

nomThunzi Mashalaba [1979 - ] | Johannesburg, South Africa

nomThunzi MashalabanomThunzi Mashalaba’s work is quietly beautiful and introspective, much like the artist herself.

She uses delicate layering, vivid colour and seemingly random bits of text that add ambiguity and intrigue to her creations.

Throughout her career Mashalaba has worked in a range of disciplines, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, video and even performance –choosing whichever medium best conveys an experience or idea. 

She plays with fragility of memory and perception, her work always ambiguous, and unresolved, evading clear definition. The fragility of her work makes a fascination contrast to the mosaic translations produced in collaboration with Spier Arts Academy, and offers her work another conceptual positioning.

nomThunzi Mashalaba holds a National diploma in Fine Art (2004) and a B-Tec Fine Art (2006) from the Tshwane University of Technology in 2006. Since graduating Mashalaba has participated in a number of exhibitions, residencies and workshops. 

Nando's Basildon Festival Leisure
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Nando's Bentley Bridge
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Nando's Glasgow Sauchiehall Street
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Nando's Oxford Cowley Road
Nando's St. Helens
Nando's St. Helens


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