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Over the past few months, we’ve been checking out the music scene in Nando’s birthplace, South Africa, to showcase some amazing artists.

Kicking off The Music Exchange, which will see the best of South African and UK talent brought together, our first tip is phenomenal young DJ producer Muzi.

Muzi’s early tracks have picked up a growing online fan base over the last year, backed by some of the biggest names in dance music including The Prodigy, Rinse FM and Diplo’s Mad Decent label.

Building up a strong reputation in his homeland as the most exciting electronic artist of his generation, Muzi’s first official release, ‘Nizogcwala’, is out this Friday (26th June 2015). It’s a rich culture-clash mix, inspired by the electronic and hip-hop sounds of the UK and US, as well as the unique South African Zulu vocal flavours.

The video is just as tasty as the beat, a blistering and hypnotic visual feast that captures all the energy of the track. Muzi describes the track’s fusion of styles: “We have Western influences but we’re still inspired by our traditions and culture as well. Two worlds have met and both play an important role. I hope this video and my music gets that message across.”

Currently relocating from the Empangeni township in the northeast of South Africa to one of the strongholds of electronic music, Berlin, Germany, Muzi is set to launch his sound in Europe and beyond, and ‘Nizogcwala’ is just for starters. Catch his debut UK tour in September, and keep an eye on Nando’s Rule The Roost over the summer…he might just be jumping on the Cock o’ Van while he’s in town!