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ArtLinks is our new series linking up young artists to discuss a topic they’re passionate about and is published exclusively in our new zine Aweh. 

Aweh features some of the UK’s most exciting trailblazers talking about things that matter to them across Music, Food, Art and Culture.

In our first issue we asked Reuben Dangoor who he wanted to chat with on his chosen topic: how his work drives young people’s engagement with politics and art. His answer? The visionary Hannah Hill. 

Reuben is an artist from London. His debut collection of paintings Legends of the Scene, which depict grime rappers in the style of the British nobility, received global coverage and was exhibited at Tate Britain. Most recently his Dabbling in Politics and Nah Mate pieces have received national attention for their commentary on contemporary politics. 

Hannah is a visual artist from London who specialises in illustrative hand embroidery. Her Arthur meme embroidery went viral in 2016 for its feminist reclamation of the medium. Her work explores female empowerment, race, body positivity, mental health and, from time to time, pays tribute to the London grime scene.

Here’s the conversation they had…

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