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It's Pride time again, which means it's time to shake our tail feathers all over the country and show our support! We'll be attending 38 Pride events this year in the UK and Ireland. Have a look at the list below and come and find us to join in the celebration!


13th - Exeter

27th - Wrexham

27-28th - Birmingham

29th - Durham


10th - Blackpool, York, Gloucestershire, Coventry

17th - Edinburgh

24th - Dublin, Essex, Stoke on Trent


1st - Bournemouth

8th - London, Bristol

22nd - Newcastle, Hull

23rd - Chesterfield

29th - Norwich, Sheffield, Hereford, Liverpool, Oldham, Swindon & Wiltshire

31st - Cork


5th - Brighton, Belfast

7th - Leeds

12th - Plymouth

19th - Glasgow, Chester

26th - Cardiff, Manchester, Southampton


2nd - Hertfordshire, Reading, Leicester

23rd - Lincoln

24th - Sunderland


See you there!