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Noticed the empty spaces on the gallery walls of our Salisbury and Newbury restaurants recently?

Course you did.

That’s because we’ve shipped artist Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi's four incredibly impressive works over to Paris, just in time for Louis Vuitton's exhibition.

*Somebody pass the canapes, darling*

And if you didn’t notice, at least you now know our restaurants double up as African art gallery spaces. Chicken and art all under one roof? Yep, you heard right first time.

Hailing from New York and Joburg, multi-artist Nkosi’s divided identity says a lot about the diversity in her work.

“That’s the thing: in some ways I think art should not be consumable. It should be terrifying, and it should bother you.”

Exploring power structures surrounding politics, socialism and architecture, Nkosi masterpieces are all about digging out the what lies beneath and reimagining a better future.

Most days it’s hard to put a finger on Nkosi’s whereabouts. In the studio, performing or moseying her way around the artistic field, is how she usually mixes up her creative time.

It’s fair to say her works travel just as much as she does. Berlin’s IFA Gallery, Tate Modern in London, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro and the Standard Bank Gallery in Johannesburg, are just a few places that have been recently graced with the works of this master stroker.

We’re super stoked to help rising talent Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi continue the journey of her artworks across the pond to Paris.

Witness the fitness of Nkosi's masterpieces...