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What is Ramadan?

All about compassion, self-control and gratitude, it’s one of the holiest months for Muslims. The date changes each year but it lasts for 29 or 30 days.
Those who can, fast from sunrise to sunset. They’ll break fast with Iftar, the meal eaten after sunset while Suhoor is the meal eaten before fasting begins again.

When is Ramadan?

This year, Ramadan is expected to start on the evening of Sunday 10th March and ends at sunset on Tuesday 9th April. Eid al-Fitr should fall on Wednesday 10th April.

Celebrate with us

We’re giving away free Nando’s feasts for families with 100 x £100 Nando’s vouchers to give away – the perfect Eid celebration. 
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The main draw closes at 23.59 on Friday 22nd March and the late entry draw closes at 23.59 on Wednesday 31st July.

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Iftar at Nando's

With around 80 halal-friendly restaurants across the UK, we’re the perfect place to have Iftar.

Meal inspo

Running out of ideas? We’ve got loads of quick and easy everyday recipes, great for Suhoor.