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Earlier this summer, we introduced talented DJ/producer from Nando’s birthplace, South Africa, Muzi. The young musician kicked off Nando’s Music Exchange, which will see us connect the hottest artists from South Africa with top talent hailing from the UK. Travelling over both countries, we’ll share some incredible acts inspiring the next generation on the other side of the water.

We asked Muzi to tip off a UK artist inspiring him at the moment, and he chose incredible rising grime artist, Stormzy. Muzi explains why he’s so excited by one of the UK’s hottest new MCs:

“I’ve always been attracted to the UK’s ability to come up with new genres, with artists taking their influences and interpreting them in their own unique way. This is what I'm trying to do with my music as well, which is why Stormzy is one of my favourites right now.

“I can relate to having hip-hop as your first love and reaching a point where you make music inspired by the sounds you grew up listening to but most importantly, interpreting it in your own way and adding your own twist. I love the rawness of what he does and the vibe of it, plus his energetic flows would be a perfect fit for my wild beats!"

Stormzy’s had a whirlwind 2015 already, featuring in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll shortlist tipping the biggest new acts of the year, starring on stage with Kanye West in that Brits performance, and winning Best International Act at the hugely influential BET Awards in the US. With the musician recently announcing his Live in the Flesh tour in October, we’re expecting even bigger things from Stormzy for the second half of the year.