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Plant-based at Nando’s

We know what you're thinking. Nando’s = chicken. Which is true. But we’ve got plenty of plant-based options, too. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or think of yourself as a bit of a flexitarian, you can still get your PERi-PERi and curb those cravings. 

And wouldn’t it be great if we had a handy guide of all the plant-based food (and drinks) on the menu... 

Whatever your lifestyle, Nando’s have got you. And we’re Carbon Neutral too. Not sure what we’re on about? Check out our Carbon Jargon buster.  

Find out more about plant-based at Nando’s here


Houmous with PERi-PERi Drizzle

Great for sharing. And drizzling.

Sweet Potato Wedges with Garlic PERinaise

Crispy and dunkable. You can even order an extra pot of Garlic PERinaise

Spicy Mixed Olives

The Nando’s classic.


Spiced Chickpea Burger

Our new plant-based burger. Double the chickpeas, double the yum.

The Great Imitator

Our plant-based meat alternative, AKA The Great Imitator is made of pea protein and tastes just like our PERi-PERi Chicken. Have it as a burger, wrap or pitta.

Rainbow Bowl

Warmed spiced grains and long-stem broccoli with houmous, rainbow slaw, pickled golden carrot and a sprinkle of seeds. It’s under 550 calories too.


Chips & PERi-Salted Chips

Fluffy, crispy, dippable.

Garlic Bread

It really is plant-based. Who’d have thought?!

Spicy Rice

One of our signature sides.

Rainbow Slaw

Crunchy veg in a tangy mustard dressing.

Long Stem Broccoli

In a garlicky, lemony dressing.

Mixed Leaf Salad

Leafy green lettuce with sweet baby plum tomatoes and cucumber.


Mango Gelado

End your meal on a high.