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There’s never been a better time to focus on making sure you feel good, and what we eat is a big part of that. To help make sure you’re getting those hearty meals in, we’ve created a list of some bountiful dishes for you to cook up and enjoy at home.  

They’re packed with PERi-PERi and heaps of veg to make sure they’re not only delicious but doing you good too. 

If you’ve not got all the ingredients, don’t panic, we’ve prepared for that. You’ll find a list of substitutes under each recipe, and if you’re out of those too just get creative in your kitchen and give something else a try! 

 PERi-PERi Rice Bowl 

- No rice? You can easily use couscous, quinoa, bulgar wheat etc 

- Substitute spinach for any greens you have. 

- Substitute sesame seeds for chopped nuts for crunchy protein boost. 

Tuna & Lettuce Wraps  

- No tuna? Try drained tinned salmon  

- No iceberg? Use any lettuce you have.

- Substitute carrot and cucumber for any crunchy salad veg you have like radish, spring onion or sweetcorn.   

Chicken & Chickpea Avo Salad  

- No chicken? Use tuna or no meat for a veggie option. 

- Substitute yoghurt for olive oil  

PERi-PERi Omelette  

- Substitute tomatoes and asparagus for any veg – courgette, spinach, peppers, or mushrooms work great. 

- Don’t have Emmental? Use any cheese you have in the fridge. 

PERi-PERi Fishcakes & Yogurt Dressing  

- No salmon fillets? Use drained tinned salmon or tuna. 

- Substitute coriander for fresh parsley or mint  

- Substitute crisps for cornflakes  

- Substitute Greek yoghurt for natural yoghurt or sour cream  


Pick up our tasty PERi-PERi sauces from most major supermarkets and get pouring, coating, dipping and baking to your hearts content!   

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