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Garlic BBQ

Our Hall-of-Famer's back

We’re putting 2021’s guest spice, Garlic BBQ, back on the menu. Fans loved it and we love our fans, so relaunching it was a no-brainer

What's the spice level?

Like things mild? This one's for you. Garlic BBQ sits between Plain...ish and Lemon & Herb on the PERi-ometer. It’s sticky, smoky and sweet like PERi-Tamer, but with an extra kick of garlic and PERi-PERi.

New order?

Life’s better when you spice things up. Or in this case, down.  Why not swap out your usual spice level for Garlic BBQ? Try it with a flame-grilled ½ Chicken, Grilled Chicken Wrap or Spiced Chickpea Burger.

How long will it be available on the menu?

It’s our guest spice so you know the drill – it's here for a good time, not a long time.

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