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Sxollie Cider

Sxollie  Cider is now on the menu!  

Winner of 2020 Great Taste Award, Sxollie is sweet and crisp with a hint of toffee apple. Fresh out of our homeland in South Africa, it’s made using no sugar or concentrate and 100% Golden Delicious apples. Guaranteed to hit the spot! 

This cider doesn’t just taste great though, it’s great for the planet too.  To create Sxollie, only wonky apples that would otherwise be wasted are used, and there’s absolutely nothing wasted in production. That’s right, not one thing is sent to landfill. Not only that, but Sxollie offset all their carbon emissions, their packaging is 100% recyclable and they're on the way to becoming the UK’s first certified B-Corp cider company.  It’s great to have a cider that’s so in tune with our sustainability mission

Sxollie has no added sugar, concentrate or flavourings so it’s better for you and better for the environment.  Talk about refreshing!  The sweet, crisp flavour of this cider pairs perfectly with PERi-PERi and salty flavours. Try it with a Hot ½ Chicken, an Extra Hot Chicken Wrap or Halloumi Sticks & Dip.  Or if sweet is your sort of thing, double up on the deliciousness and try Sxollie with a Bottomless Frozen Yoghurt or Naughty Nata.  

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our menu here and try something new, who knows… you might be on to something! 

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