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Carbon Neutral

Being ‘neutral’ is all about balance. To be carbon neutral means your carbon footprint is just that – neutral and totally balanced out. And it involves knowing the impact you have on the planet and buying carbon credits to match them. We’ve been working hard on both.

We’ve already reduced the carbon footprint of our meals by 40% and we’re compensating for the rest with carbon offsetting projects in our homeland of Southern Africa. It’s just the start of our plan to get to Net Zero, so watch this space. 

  • Businesses aren't doing enough to meet targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We're now carbon neutral but aren't stopping there, we're going to cut our emissions in half too.
  • That's interesting.

What does it mean if a company is carbon neutral?

If a company is carbon neutral, they’re offsetting the carbon emissions they produce. That’s fancy speak for working out how much carbon they produce and then taking steps to make sure

they’re compensating for it with other measures. Once a company has become carbon neutral, the next goal is to become net-zero where no carbon is emitted. The ultimate goal for any company is to become climate positive, where not only are they net-zero in carbon emissions but they’re then also creating an environmental benefit.

What is the most carbon neutral country?

The most carbon neutral counties are Bhutan and Suriname. They’re the first countries to become carbon negative, actually removing CO2 from the atmosphere. Talk about great work! Uruguay is aiming to become carbon negative by 2030, with 137 other countries (including the UK) also committed to getting there as soon as they can.



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