Net Zero

Net Zero is the carbon equivalent of gold star. It means reducing all of your carbon emissions (even the ones you might not be directly responsible for). In our case, we need to consider the emissions from lighting and heating our restaurants, as well as feeding and rearing chickens. And it’s important that these plans are in line with climate science (see Science-Based Targets).

For any unavoidable emissions, they need to be permanently removed from the atmosphere which can be done through certified removal schemes. Getting a business to Net Zero is no mean feat, but we’ve committed to get it done by 2030.

  • Did you see Nando’s has pledged to become Net Zero by 2030?
  • Not gonna lie, I have no idea what that means.
  • Basically, they’re cutting down their carbon emissions as much as they can and working on removing the rest.
  • Oh, sweet.


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