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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is one way people and businesses can balance out the carbon emissions they create. It’s important to reduce and remove our emissions – offsetting helps us improve our footprint in the short-term. There are loads of offsetting projects, all with different kinds of benefits. Since we started out in Southern Africa, we’ve chosen forestry and cookstove projects that aim to help change the lives of people living there, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

  • I can't wait to offset this carbon.
  • Off...what?
  • I’m planting trees to help us all removing CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Ohhhh.

How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting is basically a way of balancing out the negative impact you have on the environment with a positive one. Once a company has worked out their total carbon emissions, they find projects that remove this carbon from the atmosphere. This might be a project planting trees, as these absorb carbon from the air, or getting involved in better farming methods.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a balancing act where you compensate for the carbon emissions you’ve created (either as a business or person) by getting involved in schemes or projects that remove the same level of carbon from the atmosphere.

How can I offset my carbon footprint?

So you want to offset your carbon footprint? Great news - it’s pretty simple really. All you need to do is calculate your emissions using a carbon calculator and then take steps to reduce it. This could be:

1. Hanging your washing out to dry instead of tumble drying it 
2. Putting the heating on less 
3. Having a shorter shower 
4. Turning off any electrical equipment when you’re not using it 
5. Travelling as a group if you’re using a car 
6. Shopping local 
7. Recycling



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