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Systemic Change

When people talk about systemic change, they mean we can’t just fix one problem and hope that’ll solve all the problems. We need to change the system. And that includes anything from carbon emissions to racial injustice and gender inequality – it’s all connected.

  • I’m tellin’ you, the world is broken.
  • Tell me something I don't know. We need to bring about some change.
  • Systemic change.
  • Exactly.

What does systemic change mean?

A change that affects how an entire system works is called a systemic change. Take climate change as an example, we’d need all countries across the globe to act for us to achieve green goals and ultimately reduce global warming.

How does systemic change happen?

Systemic change is a fundamental change that affects how a whole system functions. It happens when you need to transform a whole system, instead of just altering parts of it.



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