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Forests are basically mass air purifiers, removing carbon dioxide from the air and omitting oxygen. Deforestation means cutting down these forests on a large scale. This is a problem because we’re releasing way more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than our planet’s forests can absorb. We need to put a stop to deforestation and support tree planting projects to help balance things out.

  • All this deforestation in the Amazon is soo bad.
  • It’s the big companies who do it on the sly. They’re destroying the planet and getting away with it.
  • Ffs.

What causes deforestation?

The main causes of deforestation are agricultural expansion (e.g. more room for farmland), wood extraction (e.g. logging or wood harvesting) and infrastructure expansion (e.g. clearing space to build a road).

What are the effects of deforestation?

Deforestation reduces biodiversity, increases greenhouse gas emissions and soil erosion. It also increases forest fires and disrupts the water cycle.

How much of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed?

In the Amazon, around 17% of the forest has been lost over the last 50 years as a result of deforestation.



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