Climate Crisis

You’ll have heard we’re in a climate crisis. But why ‘crisis?’ What happened to ‘climate change’? The latest science says it’s a ‘code red for humanity’. By burning fossil fuels at the rate we have been, our climate has changed dramatically. So much so, it’s now threatening our way of life. We’re talking floods, droughts and food shortages. And it’s time for all of us, including Nando's, to step up.

  • 'Climate change’ feels like old news. We need something with a bit more urgency. A bit more ‘pull your fingers out, people.’
  • What about ‘Climate… crisis’?
  • Sorted.


You've probably heard the term COP26 flying around a lot lately...

Carbon Neutral

'Neutral' sounds a bit 'lemon and herb' on paper, but when it comes to carbon it's actually pretty spicy.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is one way people and businesses can balance...

Net Zero

Think of Net Zero as the gold star of getting your carbon emissions in check...

Science-Based Targets

Who figures out how much carbon we need to cut...

Climate Justice

The climate crisis is unequal.


You know that feeling when you open the news and all you can see is forest fires, extreme floods and looming climate deadlines?

Systemic Change

When people talk about systemic change...


This word gets thrown around a lot. 


Forests are basically mass air purifiers, removing carbon dioxide from the air...


Brands are all about reputation, and right now, sustainability is a hot topic.