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Climate Crisis

You’ll have heard we’re in a climate crisis. But why ‘crisis?’ What happened to ‘climate change’? The latest science says it’s a ‘code red for humanity’. By burning fossil fuels at the rate we have been, our climate has changed dramatically. So much so, it’s now threatening our way of life. We’re talking floods, droughts and food shortages. And it’s time for all of us, including Nando's, to step up.

  • 'Climate change’ feels like old news. We need something with a bit more urgency. A bit more ‘pull your fingers out, people.’
  • What about ‘Climate… crisis’?
  • Sorted.

What is the Climate Crisis?

CO2 levels have been rising since the Industrial Revolution and they’re rising faster than ever. This means the planet is heating up. Scientists have said we’re now in ‘unchartered territory’ AKA a climate crisis, so we need to act.

Who is the climate crisis committee and what do they do?

The Climate Crisis Committee is an independent, statutory group created by the Climate Change Act in 2008. They help advise the UK and developed governments on carbon emission targets and how to prepare for climate change. They also report to Parliament on the progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions – so you could say they’re pretty important.

How can we solve the climate crisis?

Solving the climate crisis will need everyone to get involved and be committed. Government and businesses can help by investing in renewable energy, encouraging plant-based diets and restoring nature. Even a small act can make a massive difference.

We can all do our bit by:

1. Flex your diet and reduce how much meat and dairy you eat
2. Using public transport
3. Using less energy (at home and travel)
4. Protecting green spaces
5. Use less and cut down the amount of waste you produce

What is causing the Climate Crisis?

There's lots of things that contribute to the climate crisis. For instance, burning fossil fuels, deforestation, increased livestock farming and intensive agriculture.

Humans are responsible for the biggest impact on the planet when it comes to climate change.

Large companies and the developed world have a huge impact on this due to their overconsumption.



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